Welcome To Aaronnok Bononibas at Baranti, Purulia

The rains in the forests of Baranti is beautiful and so are the winters when migratory birds visit Baranti

About Baranti, Purulia

Looking for a vacation in the lap of nature which can refresh your mind and soul with new energy ? Then Baranti is a must visit place for you. A small  tribal village surrounded with lush green forest, a big natural lake and few elegant hills. The paradise on this earth have different colours in different seasons. The hills are crowned with green during rainy season, slightly grey during winter and dotted with fiery red during autumn. The fiery red colour comes from the fully blossomed Palas Tree , a source for natural red colour. The life and habitat around Baranti is very simple. The peaceful tribal village with truthful people and their simplicity is an envy for people stay in big cities and metros.